About Us

We are a privately-owned business specialising in acquiring owner-managed private businesses whose revenues are typically between £500k-£20m.

London City

As a group, we are committed to generating quantum growth through acquisition and consolidation of companies engaged in all aspects of localisation and multilingual production and post-production services.

Our business is run by experienced business owners and entrepreneurs who understand in depth what it takes to own and operate successful businesses and how hard it can be.


We are not "corporate executives" just crunching spreadsheets.  We operate in and understand the world of the owner-managed business.  We are plain speaking but with sophisticated knowledge, understanding and experience of acquiring other owner-managed businesses.


Above all else we are committed to ethical, win-win deal-making that provides elegant solutions to owners of small and medium-sized businesses to exit your business with value, rather than just close the doors.

Sectors of Interest


We are mainly interested in acquiring businesses operating in the following sectors:



  • Translation Services

  • Voice Over Services

  • Dubbing Services

  • Recording Services for Voice Over and Dubbing

  • Subtitling Services

  • Interpreting Services

  • Multilingual Services and Solutions

  • Multimedia/Multilingual Post-Production Services

Our Values



Integrity | Sincerity | Reliability | Commitment | Consistency | Competence

We believe that the best relationships have to be win-win. So, you can expect our conversations and our dealings to be a fair exchange where everyone gains.

This means we’ll be generous with our thoughts and ideas. We take a longer-term view of relationships because in our experience what goes around, comes around. We’ll do things right and we’ll take our time to listen and to understand.


Above all, we’re loyal, ethical, committed to our values and we’ll do business with authenticity and care.